May 19, 2013

TOP 10 Lessons I've learned 1 Month of Parenthood

  1. You are no longer important. That baby will RULE your life (down to when you take a shower, when you eat, how you sit because he fell asleep and looks so peaceful even though your arm has been twisted, hip is in pain and you can't feel your hand) .. so that was somewhat dramatic.
  2. [Contribution from his father] Contrary to what you may have thought before being a parent, babies LOVE noise and shhh'ing everyone around them is a useless thing for a newborn UNLESS your "shhh'ing" is as loud as a vacumm cleaner. :-x. Asad often loudly does a "PRRRRrrrRRr" sound which is a strange sound but BabZ takes it really seriously, looks for where it came from and stops crying.
  3. All your fights you had with your significant other are now hilarious in memory-- now, the real deal starts. As new parents, you realize how dumb and unecessary and time-wasting those fights were.
  4. Pacifiers? USE them. Babies in their sonograms even suck their fingers and have a natural tendency to want to suck something to soothe them. It's the one thing they have control over  (except you need to be there to put it back in when it falls out before they throw a FIT). I used to be against them because it would be difficult to ween them off but in hindsight that is a TERRIBLE reason to not give it. The other reason was for BF moms I was afraid that it would cause confusion but that is a reason to tell the hospital to avoid the first few days of the babies life until they get used to a good BF latch. Some even wait a few weeks. I waited about 1 or 2 weeks until he had a comfortable zone with BF.
  5. Coconut oil for their scalps and skin is a great natural alternative to J&J Products. It smells nicely and when you hug/kiss/snuggle/squeeze him, the coconut oil that gets on your skin is good for you too! =)
  6. By far the most helpful of all the parenting books was the one I never had to purchase anyway! Google 5 S's for Newborns and it will make newborn rearing a lot more bearable. EACH one has worked on our baby (although we know not all babies are alike.. but this is really for the majority of babies out there, some study said 48/50 of them made a huge difference after incorporating Karp's 5 S's for Happiest Baby on the Block.
  7. A bassinet purchase is really important. Yes, I will admit though I end up co-sleeping during the 2 am-5 am feed because its easy to burp him and fall asleep yourself, with him near you. But, if you permanently do it, beware what happens if either parent is a heavy sleeper or if you're exhausted as a new mother and misplace your arm.  Further, its a bigger nuisance to wash spit-up or anything else your baby would like you to witness-- You're going to have to wash your sheets way more frequently than necessary. 
  8. Some babies prefer tummy time for relief but you just want to be very careful. Give it a try if you can "stomach it" (get it? haha). No, but seriously its startling for parents of a newborn so we didn't attempt it until he turned 1-month (like the last few days basically) and made sure we could keep his head from turning downwards and possibly impeding any breathing. He LOVES it. Great for gassy babies. MAKE sure you have a pacifier and that you are near him when he does this to prevent SIDS.
  9. For a BF mom, don't give up because of pain and discomfort as bas as it can get, know there are always solutions to it. Lactation consultants are available (some even do house visits and some are covered under insurance). Some are also free. Whatever problem you faced that makes you contemplate moving on to formula, first try to talk to LC NOT your pediatrician (who likely will suggest you jump off the BF wagon). For soreness, my favorite was coconut oil which is approved for use even though the baby may ingest-- its more natural and beneficial than the lanolin.
  10. Do what's right for you and your baby. Take some advice, give it a try or move on from it. But, if people including family and close friends, co-workers AND the world are imparting some advice that you know does not apply to your child, ignore it and say thank you. There is such a thing as a mother or father's instinct and I'm a huge believer that good parents are ones that learn from experience themselves because they begin to learn their babies cues. BABIES are not all alike. So their experience will not fit yours except some folks truly believe it does. And yes, this technically means take a look at the list I gave you and take what works and what doesn't. No presh ():-)

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  1. Which coconut oil is approved and what brand? Thank you